Who are you?

I am a Swedish communication consultant. I love my job, where I live (Malmö) and what comes with having my own agency (freedom and variety).


Your best skills?

I’m good at finding creative yet trustworthy solutions that match my clients’ needs. I have an eye, and great interest, for visual expression. My ability to create and capture key messages in text is also something I would highlight.


Your background?

I have worked with PR and corporate communication my whole career. Before I started my own firm, I worked on the customer side as a communication manager in the real estate and furniture industry.



As a junior, life circled around tennis. I competed for many years on elite level and was a part of the national junior tennis team. After high school, I was able to study on a full tennis scholarship at University of San Diego for three years. An amazing experience. Some day I want to live in San Diego again for a while.


What about your interest in art?

I’m very interested in visual communication at large, and art is of course a part of that.


I took a hiatus a couple of years ago to earn a bachelor’s degree in art history. I loved every minute of it. My goal is to keep educating myself in that area. Every year I enroll in various classes at university, the challenge is to find time to actually take them..


Other main interests?

Outdoor running and painting (mostly in watercolour). I take painting classes regularly. I love using my hands and getting to know colours and materials first hand with my senses, not just by using my computer.



To keep developing in the areas that I find interesting – communication and PR, visual expression and how to combine them in new ways. I also have a secret dream of creating my own design one day. Maybe a pattern or something within interior design.


What’s your overall communication advice?

Be curious in others fields than your own. By keeping up to speed on what’s going on in other industries or areas, you stay humble and relevant to your audience.

Trägårdh Kommunikation AB

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